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The Basics

An introductory level seminar! This workshop came to be when I was asked to speak with a few high-school level groups who had never auditioned before! Let me walk you through the basics of preparing and executing your first audition(s)! 

$100 for 30 minutes

($5 extra/person for groups over 20)



This is an online intensive group session to workshop contemporary monologues in a "classroom" setting, where sharing observations will be encouraged. Each person will be given 30 minutes of one 90 minute session to work. 

$35.00 per person

Intro to Shakespeare


This is an online four-week intensive for those looking to delve into Shakespeare! A 90 minute Meeting, twice a week for four weeks. We discuss how an actor can use devices such as rhythm, meter, scansion, figures of speech, etc. Additionally, each enrolled will have an opportunity to work a piece of text with me! 

$90.00 per person



A workshop designed for those interested in working with Shakespeare's text, and perhaps those who are just plain intimidated by it. We work on the language, and inhabiting the text with connection of the mind to body and voice.

*designed for in-person practice. 


90 Minutes - $600.00 

180 Minutes - $900.00 

Building Your 


What does it mean to be a good scene partner? And why is it so important? This workshop sheds light on these questions, highlighting the importance of connectivity and communication with your ensemble on both an intellectual and intuitive level. *designed for in-person practice. 


90 Minutes - $600.00

180 Minutes - $900.00

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