Reflecting on my experiences so far in the world of theatre arts, as an actor and in my teaching practice, it is incredibly obvious how important it was for me to take workshops, to have mentors, to have a fresh eye review my work, to have a touchstone, and to have someone encourage me when I have felt uninspired or unmotivated. It is also clear to me how much I wish to give that back to the arts community— to create the space and facilitate these experiences for developing artists!


I am so pleased to offer individual and group workshops aiming to guide actors in their own unique process, helping them to develop their own method of approach. My focus is to work on the connection of mind, body and voice; to highlight the importance of presence, awareness, listening, and compassion whether we are working through Shakespeare or contemporary works, by exploring physical relationships to our immediate environment and examining how we hold space in the world. 


One aspect that I have become keenly aware of in my journey is that all artists have different ways of learning and expression. I have made it my earnest intent to meet each individual where they are so that we may work together to build up! Ultimately, I hope to challenge my students to be open to their experiences and to embrace vulnerability.